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Before the challenge...

After the challenge...

  • Establishment of Healthy Habits: Participants will develop and integrate daily habits that promote a balanced and nutritious diet, regular physical activity, and mental well-being.
  • ​Improved Physical Fitness: The program promises enhanced physical fitness and strength, particularly through the incorporation of daily walking and bi-weekly strength training, tailored to the needs and abilities of women over 40.
  • Weight Management: If weight management is a goal, participants can expect to see progress in this area, thanks to the combination of balanced nutrition and regular exercise.
  • ​Increased Energy Levels: With better nutrition and regular physical activity, participants are likely to experience a boost in overall energy levels and vitality.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Reduced Stress: Through stress-reduction techniques like meditation and hobbies, participants can expect improvements in mental clarity and a reduction in stress levels.
  • Better Sleep Quality: The combination of physical activity and stress management techniques is designed to contribute to improved sleep quality.
  • Knowledge and Confidence in Health Choices: The program provides education and practical experience in making healthful choices, leading to increased confidence in managing personal health and wellness.
  • Stronger Sense of Community and Support: Engagement in the program's community forums and group discussions promises a stronger sense of belonging and support, which is crucial for sustained motivation and success.
  • Foundation for Long-Term Health: Beyond the 21 days, participants will have a solid foundation to continue their journey towards long-term health and wellness.
  • Personalized Approach to Wellness: Understanding that every individual is unique, the program aims to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to tailor their wellness journey to their specific needs and goals.


A program focused on reinventing oneself after 50, tapping into hidden potentials, and discovering new passions or dreams.


Concentrating on wealth-building, entrepreneurship, and leaving a mark that generations can look up to, this program would offer tools and strategies for women to secure their financial futures and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.


A program about health, wellness, and holistic living. It offers routines, diet plans, and mental wellness exercises tailored for women in their golden years, ensuring they feel energized and in the best shape of their lives.

Ready to transform your health and cooking habits? Join the 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge today!

Ready to transform your health and cooking habits? Join the Fresh Start 21: The Clean Eating Challenge today!

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